Cedar's Tale
The first collection, pieces that reflects our roots, emotions, beauty, history, war, joy, grief, peace, glory & decadence.
This is our heritage for the future
Heavenly Pure
White crepe silk jumpsuit empowered by a white mousseline silk cape finished off with a white mousseline hooded veil which represents a combination of strength and beauty that makes up the Lebanese soul.
Cedar's First Snow
Fitted tulle embroidered corset with a white flowing skirt mimicking the gentle fall of the Cedar’s first snow.
Peaceful Liberty
Harmonically draped white mousseline sleeved short dress accented by a train that signals a woman’s liberty. Centrally tied together by an embroidered green Cedar twig-inspired belt reflected onto a printed sunset.
Modestly Prosper
Tri-layered jacket embedded with crisp organza, tulle and silk allowing a strong reflective combination of images that represent darkness and depth to be portrayed.
Cedar's Tale
Sleeved cape created with multiple layers of crepe, tulle and organza displaying lively images of situations and emotions.
Breaking Hardships
Bamboo fabric ink-black jumpsuit cinched at the waist by a crepe belt. The pleated fabric and free-flowing cut allows free movement of the garment symbolising the continued movement of the Lebanese woman breaking through hardships.
Hopeful Darkness
Full Length Bamboo fabric dress topped with a loose cape connected by an embroidered Cedar twig inspired belt. The dark colour together with the radiant texture contemplates hope within darkness.
Dark Invasion
Short black tulle plisse backless dress with a crowning veil accenting the bodies figure A combination of modesty and prosperity.
Hope Invasion
Draped long Mousseline sleeved dress cinched by a crepe belt overlaid by the skirt. The dress embodies sharp embroidery and is displaying hope through colour as the green invades the black.
Powerful Legacy
The dark fitted Mousseline jumpsuit allows a strong base for the overlaying printed jacket. The collection of printed images blissfully come together displaying powerful legacy.
Peace Within
The tailored jumpsuit vibrantly colored blue displays a peaceful woman with the freedom of a one shoulder cape, printed with images.
Beauty Within
Three layered sleeveless dress with a fitted corset includes embroidery and printed images to enhance the beauty found within the details.
Raging Cedars
Full sleeve open-back Crepe dress with a high slit Bamboo fabric skirt tied together by a crepe belt. Strong imagery of prints together with powerful cuts allows an expression of rag.
Ever-Lasting Strength
Full sleeve mousseline and embroidered tulle dress with a sheer mousseline over layer creating a statement of solidarity and ever-lasting strength.
Cedar Skin
Triple layered tulle hand embroidered dress accented with a flowing cape. The Skin-like colored material together with the Cedar inspired embroidery which breathes through our skin.
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